Magento Twig Theme

Building Magento 2 Themes with ease

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What is Magento Twig Theme ?

Ever imagined building a Magento 2 Frontend with ease? No more hazzle with Layout XML Updates and phtml templates? Here is your solution. Our module provides a drop-in solution for creating simple Magento 2 Themes based on Twig templates. It is quick and easy to port existing frontends or create new ones from scratch.

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Easy to install

Just install the provided Module for Magento2 and start using Themes based on Twig.

Easy to customize

Twig is used by popular frameworks and now it is possible to use this handy template engine also in Magento 2.

Fully compatible

Use twig only for dedicated pages with a fallback to Magento 2 Standard themes. E.g. Luma Checkout will work without modification.